Virtual Card Solutions

Take more control of your payments in an instant

Virtual Cards have enormous potential to help businesses to take more control of payments - before, during and after they are made. They allow you to control the charges your suppliers make and when they charge. And they allow you to save time and effort in capturing expense details with automated reconciliation of dedicated management information against each payment.

Diners Club is committed to making Virtual Cards freely available to business. We will make paying for direct travel bookings, general expenses, meetings and events, and online marketing all much easier in an instant.

Company Benefits

  • No annual fee for an account
  • Up to 52 days interest free credit on all your payments
  • Increased cash flow 
  • An additional source of credit that is separate to your existing banking facilities
  • Bespoke payment and management information in one place
  • Eliminate virtually all fraud risk
  • Improve PCI compliance in your business in an instant
  • No acceptance gaps in account usage
  • Simplified data capture and analysis to help you drive operational and resource efficiency
  • Simple downloads of full payment detail to your finance systems
  • Flexible solutions dedicated to different parts of your business and different types of purchase

Staff Benefits

  • A quick and easy way to make supplier payments
  • Payments and budgets are easier to manage
  • No need to handle ad-hoc payments through individual expense claims

What Does it Cost?

Diners Club Virtual Card Accounts are free of charge and interest free.

We will work with you to find the right account set up for your business. We will ensure your payments are reported with your dedicated management information. You'll have online access and statements available 24x7. All the information is at your fingertips as and when you need it. For a little more detail, simply request more information below.