Travel Management Company Solutions

Adding value to your customer relationships

Diners Club International was the originator of the Travel, or Lodge, Account in the UK. Today we are better placed than ever to provide payment solutions from end-to-end in your business.

We can work with you to remove many of the cash flow pain points in your business - both supplier payments and client payments.

Your client relationship is strengthened in two ways:

1. You can concentrate on what you do best - travel management, and deliver better payment terms at the same time

2. Any awkward conversations about payment are removed from your client relationships

Support YOU can take for granted 

Right now we have a unique set of solutions available to support Travel Management Companies.

  • Give your customers great payment terms, interest free credit, easier expense reconciliation, greater efficiency and 24x7 control
  • Remove the ongoing challenges of BSP payments
  • Use single use virtual credit cards for reconciliation or to manage more complex transactions
  • Be assured of 100% merchant acceptance with our payment solutions
  • Release cash flow for investment or growth
  • Have a UK call centre and a customer service that's second to none
  • Support your Sales and Account Management teams to navigate a change to outsourced credit for your clients 

INNovation as standard

We have the most modern operating platform in the industry. The most flexible and innovative set of products. And a single business that supports a complete payment solution - Travel Accounts, Virtual Cards, Merchant Services and Physical Cards.

We work with you to solve your problems, not simply fit you into our solutions. And we do it quickly. We have a practice of 90 days to market. So, if the innovation makes practical and commercial sense we expect to be live in market in 90 days from initiation. Whether needs are driven by you or your clients we’re with you all the way.

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