Meetings & Events

Establishing and maintaining budget control is never easy, reconciling expense and maintaining transparency can easily be compromised. This is particularly true in hectic and time sensitive environments like Meetings and Events or Procurement management. Especially if you have many people with spending authority and a limited timeframe, the reconciliation challenges can quickly turn into a long term nightmare.


If your challenges include any of the following situations, we can definitely help:

  • Suppliers with deposit and part payment terms that you need to see quickly in one place and ensure no overspend - problem solved
  • Staff with both total and single transaction spending authority sign offs - where you’d like to remove the cost and time of full purchasing authorities for - problem solved
  • Internal and external resources both spending on a single budget or cost centre where you want exception control for overspends - problem solved
  • Funded delegates where you need to be able to account for expense at the individual delegate level (including ancillary expenses) - problem solved
  • Recurring purchases of a fixed price where you want to maintain control of the bill without effort - problem solved
  • Recurring purchases with a total budget and variable charges for each transaction - problem solved

We have developed payments solutions that can allow you to focus on the most important parts of your role – strong negotiation, co-ordination and management. We simply ensure that you are free to concentrate on what you do best, whilst we do the same for your payments, reconciliation and reporting.

To find out more about how our Virtual Card solutions can be configured for your needs, simply complete the  'more information' request below.