B2B Statement Accounts

Make growing your business and reducing your risks easier

Whatever business you’re in, if you are a Business to Business supplier there’s every chance you’ve been asked to provide a credit account. In many industries a credit account is taken for granted. If you’ve got a handful of large clients, or you build to order it may be a natural part of your business.

If you have a high frequency of sales and a large number of customers, credit accounts can be a real headache.

Credit accounts tie-up people – making credit decisions, creating monthly statements, chasing money and maintaining records.

Credit accounts tie-up money – the money owed is cash flow that could be working in your business, and in the worst case it can be written off as losses.

Credit accounts tie-up energy – if you’re not a specialist credit provider then credit accounts are a distraction from the business of the business.


You don’t need to get trapped in invoice credit accounts. At Diners Club we have a proven solution that allows you to outsource business credit accounts so you can focus on what you do best – your business.

We are a specialist business to business credit provider, we are part of a global payments network, we are experts in business credit account management. We make every credit decision individually, with no red line declines, no minimum spend requirements and no "computer says no" automated decisioning.

We can give your customers great, interest-free credit terms, easier expense reconciliation, greater efficiency and 24x7 control.

Our Statement Account solutions make it easier for your customers to buy from you, and makes them more loyal to you.

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